Re: Arum italicum in N. Cal.


Regarding finding arum italicum in the wild you wrote:

>      Isn't it exciteing?....

Yes, I couldn't agree with you more!

>May your next exciteing discovery be Deni Bown's book on Aroids! ( If you
>haven't discovered it yet).

I've got a library copy of her book which I keep renewing every month. So
far I haven't had luck in finding my own copy but I will keep trying.

On another subject, I am just dying to try and grow some arisaema and I was
wondering does anybody have experience growing any of these plants in N.
California? The microclimate in my backyard tends to be sort of woodsie,
ie, lots of shade, with bright filtered light. No area of the yard gets
more than 3 hours of direct sun. Fuschias and camelias thrive in my
backyard. I currently have a Dracunculus. vulgaris in bloom too! From what
I've read it seems that arisaema could stand a chance of surviving in these
conditions. Am I correct or totally off base?

Steve Hall

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