Re: Arum italicum in N. Cal.

      Isn't it exciteing?  I know exactly what you mean!  Other than callas
and anthuriums ( which I had no idea were something called Aroids) I had
never seen one before and wouldn't have recognized one if I had, but after
sightings on the Aroid pages, I spotted a bloom in an unexpected  place, (in
a yard, in the grass, at the edge of the pavement, in my very neighborhood!)
and immediately recognized it as an Aroid,  and with Julius' help, I found
that Arum italicum was my first discovery off the net.  Fortunately for me,
the people were glad to have some removed, which I obliged, and in spite of
the shock, they appear to be developing seed, even though after transplanting
them the spathes have shriveled up around the spadixs (unless this is
normal), and most of the leaves are still lying on the ground!   This Aroid
REALLY wants to survive.  These are the non-variegated variety.  I haven't
had the opportunity to see a variegated one yet.  
May your next exciteing discovery be Deni Bown's book on Aroids! ( If you
haven't discovered it yet).  
Sue Zunino

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