RE: Arum italicum in N. Cal.

Julius, Sean and Fellow Aroiders,

Having read the posts inquiring about Arum italicum naturalising in N.
California I recently went on a field trip to Golden Gate Park to see if I
could find any. Much to my surprise I found Arum italicum naturalising in
several places in the Rhododendrom Dell, and within the Arboretum. I found
both varigated and non-varigated species. In some places there were patches
that were several feet in diameter. Last week I happened to be back in the
park and I went to the Rhododendrom Dell to check on the A. italicum. They
were in various stages of blooming and some even had very well developed
heads of bright green fruit. This may be ho-hum news to some of you, but I
consider myself an aroid neophyte so being able to spot one in the wild,
besides the ubiquitous cala lily, was exciting to me.

Steve Hall

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