RE: Arum italicum in N. Cal.

From: 	Sean O'Hara
Sent: 	Tuesday, April 08, 1997 7:14 PM
To: 	Julius Boos
Subject: 	Arum italicum in N. Cal.

>From: "Julius Boos" <>
>Subject: Arum italicum in N. Cal.
>Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 19:45:33 -0600
>  Hello All !!--    A question- does anyone know if Arum italicum is
> naturalised in N. california?   I received photos from a friend that match 
> illus. in Peter Boyce's WONDERFUL work,"The Genus Arum"[isbn#  0  11  250085
> 4].
>  It looks to be an impressive and quite beautiful subject with attractively
> viens in its sagittate leaves.   Please let me know if anyone out there has
> any info.
>           Thanks,---------  Julius.

Julius -

Arum italicum, A. palaestinum, and perhaps other winter growing
species grow very well in our area.  Dracunculus vulgaris also does
quite well.  At a local public garden, where I volunteer, there are
a number of A. italicums all over the place, with the variation that
might be expected from self-sowing (most are the variegated types,
but this varies considerable in intensity and attractiveness).  When
I originally joined AROID-L, and heard about all of the amazing Arum
species I'd never even contemplated the existence of, I wondered if
there mightn't be a place for an Arum collection garden here in the
Bay Area (it was discussed on the group as well).  Someday, when a
save up a few more bucks, I'll have to buy your book and research
this more carefully.

If there is ever anything you need to know about Arums in our area,
please let me know.  I'm seeing a friend tomorrow who propogated
various bulbous plants from seed, and Arums are certainly no
stranger to him.

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Dear Sean,    Thanks for the info. on Arums in California--I had thought that 
I was on to something, and maybe I am as I cant find a note in the literature 
on any Arum being naturalized in the U.S.A.;  Boyce mentions A. italicum in 
Argentina.   Maybe it is worth a note in Aroidiana.  I have to think about it.
    Thanks again.  Julius.

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