Re: Intergeneric hybrids

>Dear All,
>While visiting Sweden last year I went to the Bergianska Tradgarden, a small
>but beautiful botanic garden outside Stockholm, with tropical greenhouses
>showing a number of well-grown aroids. On one of the benches was a plant
>labelled as a hybrid between Spathiphyllum (I think wallisi) and a
>Dieffenbachia! The plant was about 18 inches tall and the leaves certainly
>looked like an intermediate between the thin, lanceolate leaves of
>Spathiphyllum and the thicker, more oval leaves of Dieffenbachia. The Flower
>looked like a rather short-stemmed version of the typical Spathiphyllum

Geoffrey, The plant that you saw was most probably "Homalomena wallisi".
It is a beautiful plant and fits the general description above...

>Does such a hybrid seem likely/possible? Does anyone know of any other such
>intergenerics? Perhaps we should be thinking about more such original
>crosses; certainly the plant was very attractive and presumably could get
>quite large if it took after the Dieffenbachia parent.
>Any thoughts and or knowledge on this topic from other members awaited with

To the best of my knowledge...  and this is what I have been told, there
are no intergeneric hybrids in Araceae.


Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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