Intergeneric hybrids

Dear All,

While visiting Sweden last year I went to the Bergianska Tradgarden, a small 
but beautiful botanic garden outside Stockholm, with tropical greenhouses 
showing a number of well-grown aroids. On one of the benches was a plant 
labelled as a hybrid between Spathiphyllum (I think wallisi) and a 
Dieffenbachia! The plant was about 18 inches tall and the leaves certainly 
looked like an intermediate between the thin, lanceolate leaves of 
Spathiphyllum and the thicker, more oval leaves of Dieffenbachia. The Flower 
looked like a rather short-stemmed version of the typical Spathiphyllum 

Does such a hybrid seem likely/possible? Does anyone know of any other such 
intergenerics? Perhaps we should be thinking about more such original 
crosses; certainly the plant was very attractive and presumably could get 
quite large if it took after the Dieffenbachia parent.

Any thoughts and or knowledge on this topic from other members awaited with 

Geoffrey Kibby
International Institute of Entomology
56 Queen's Gate
London SW7 5JR

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