Dear Tsuh yang,
                         Thank you for your note re the recipe for callaloo.  
I`ll be giving this month`s talk in Miami on edible Aroids, and this will be 
one of them.  I`m presently preparing the recipes, and will send a copy to you 
as soon as they are ready!  It really is a delicious dish.  We can`t obtain 
the land crabs here, but shrimp or crab of any kind will do.   What I do not 
like is that some people substitute canned spinach for the taro leaves, and in 
MY opinion it is`nt even close!  The taro leaves have a "special" flavor that 
can`t be duplicated.
  When next will you be in Florida?  Come see us, and join the Aroid Society!
            Reguards,     Julius

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