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 Dear Sue,
                I had a moment, so here goes---  I believe that the A.
 that you found are what are considered the "varigated" types- in Boyce`s
 he explains that there is a variety with solid green leaves, and another
 green leaves with lighter viens, and this is the one in the photos that you 
 kindly sent.
   The withering of the spathe and development of berries is normal, and may 
 not be caused bt transplanting.
   Maybe you could follow Steve`s example and find Bown`s book in a nearby 
 library!  I believe you can even request a special inter- library transfer
 that you can recieve a book.  Give it a try!
                                                       Sincerely,  Julius
    This is good to here about the spathes withering around the spadixs,
because I thought that the withered spathe might cause the spadix to rot
(which one did), but three are developing one inch areas of seeds at the
bases.  The one that rotted was totaly wrapped in a blanket of dead nats
inside the withered spathe.  
    Bown describes A.italicum as having "white veined winter foliage".  There
is no photogragh of it, so I can't compare visually.  Tell me if I'm correct.
 Plan A:  If italicum goes the winter without freezing, it would still have
leaves, and the veins would show whiter, but they die back here so I might
not see this?  Plan B:  I notice that they are slightly lighter than the
leave's surface, is this considered white?    
    I called the Humboldt library today and found  that not one Humboldt Co.
library has Bown's book, and never did have it!   I was really surprised!  I
then called Humboldt State University's library and found that they had
Bown's book for student study, but is on reserve, so I got to check it out
for one night.  I have to have it back tomorrow at 12:00 PM.  I forgot to ask
if I could renew the checkout, but will ask tomorrow.  So I have a lot of
studying to do tonight and it is now 9:00 PM!  Do you think there is enough
demand for Timber Press to release another copy yet?  It seems like the whole
world is looking for this book!  
Thanks for the help,


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