Re: Deni Bown's Book

>I see the Bown book is a topic of discussion again so it is probably 
>appropriate that I tell you what I know is happening behind the scenes.
>Please note that this information is several months old.
>Last year we saw much discussion of this subject on Aroid-L. I resolved 
>going into the first of the year that I would start a quiet campaign at 
>Timber Press to get this book back into print. Setting aside all the 
>details on what transpired, I had several talks with Timber Press and 
>Deni Bown. It turned out that the publisher wanted to get the book back 
>in print but their publishing agreement with the author had expired. It 
>was also clear that the author want to uddate the book and get it 
>published again. The parties had not talked to each other so I put on 
>my Kissinger hat and got the two together. 
>I'll inquire next week to see if the wheel is still turning and let 
>everyone know. But don't become optimistic about seeing fresh books on 
>the shelf in just a couple of months. If the author wants to revise the 
>book we could be a year away from seeing it.
>Don Burns    Plantation, FL  Zone 10b

A year seems to me VERY optimistic. It would be even if the book was ready
to be published, and suppose that the author, as fast as she may be, will
need a few month to complete her revision.

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