Half Tubers, Etc.

I just repotted a half rotted Amorph tuber with the expactation that it 
will produce a plant.  If it produces an infloresence, fine, but I'll 
just leave it there and let nature take its course.

Related to this subject, in December I had an A. bulbifer go dormant and 
when I dug up the tuber found that it had only half reformed.  The bottom 
and part of one side was concave, severely so. Other than this the tuber 
looked normal. I shared this info with Wilbert and shortly afterward the 
tuber came alive, so it went back into medium in mid-January. Produced a 
nice plant, but no infloresence, and early this month it went dormant 
again.  Took it out of the pot again last week and (voila!) here is a 
brand new fully formed tuber with the old, only three month old, tuber 
still attached to the bottom!

Dewey is right.  Let nature take its course.  In this case nature decided 
that the tuber needed to be "whole" and woke up the thing so it could 
complete its job!. On the other hand Wilbert's point was well taken: If 
you cut off the infloresence, you will miss enjoying it and its stench!


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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