RE: Unknown aroid


  >Dick Mansell has posted three pictures of an unknown aroid on the Aroid
>Identification Center page for me.  Would you please take a look at 126,
>126a, and 126b.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

>Paul M. Resslar
>Professor of Biology
>Virginia Wesleyan College
>1584 Wesleyan Drive
>Norfolk, Virginia 23502-5599

Dear Paul,
 Your plant is Xanthosoma pubescens, it is common in E.Ecuador.   Some people 
call it "Caladium" pubescens, and the two genera are close, Xanthosoma having 
the pollen in tetrads while Caladium has single round pollen grains.  Check 
the pollen under a microscope to be certain.  

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