Amorph. identified

Wilbert and Dewey both identified my Amorphophallus as Amorphophallus
napalensis, which apparently is mixed in with A. bulbifer sometimes. I'm
rather pleased, actually, getting a second species that way.

Except for the odor - and what an understatement that mild little word is
- it is quite an attractive plant, both in general appearance and the

I am a little surprised to find such a stench in a plant with such a very
white inflorescence - most of the real stinkers of my acquaintance
(botanically, that is) whether aroids, stapeliads, etc. have coloration to
match the smell: brown, dark red, dark purple, black. The two other
Amorphs I have - which have flowered - whose inflorescence is very light
colored (albispathus, bulbifer) have little or no odor. (I've been told
bulbifer sometimes makes quite a stink - is there a lot of variation in
strength or type of odor within a species?)

Thanks for the quick identification.


-- Steve Marak

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