Re: Tropica, Hortica or Exotica

At 08:49 AM 4/30/97 -0500, Lester Kallus wrote:
>I'm becoming a bit frustrated with Exotica (I have the two volume edition)
>given that even my limited collection includes some plants that either
>aren't in it or can't be identified in it.
>I've seen descriptions of Tropica and Hortica but haven't seen either one
>of the two.  Can someone please explain the difference?  Also, if you had
>to purchase just one, which would you get?  
>Do either Troopica or Hortica have as many plants as Exotica?
>(Why won't Graf just put the thing out on CD!!!)
>     Les
The fella who puts this out is one swell guy. a homeboy (New Jersey, me
from NY) My own personal favorite is Exotica. 
I just re-read and realized I had not answered your question. Hortica
includes outdoor hardy plants, things grown in gardens all over, as well as
exotic and unusual plants. I would not use any of these as a nitty gritty
reference work,, for the reasons given in the previous posting. the double
Exotica is about the best you can do. and I sell them, so I am not flogging
a costly item to you. I think you already have it.

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