Re: Tropica, Hortica or Exotica

At 08:49 AM 4/30/97 -0500, Lester Kallus wrote:
>I'm becoming a bit frustrated with Exotica (I have the two volume edition)
>given that even my limited collection includes some plants that either
>aren't in it or can't be identified in it.
>I've seen descriptions of Tropica and Hortica but haven't seen either one
>of the two.  Can someone please explain the difference?  Also, if you had
>to purchase just one, which would you get?  
>Do either Troopica or Hortica have as many plants as Exotica?
>(Why won't Graf just put the thing out on CD!!!)
>     Les
The fella who puts this out is one swell guy. a homeboy (New Jersey, me
from NY) My own personal favorite is Exotica. it is just too big enough. It
is perhaps at its best in the Aroids. it has errors. Graf is a trusting
sort, and when he photographs your plants and asks you what they are, he
believes you. STILL, it is a wonderful work, and probably the source and
inspiration for rare plant collecting inthe US...without it I don't know
any city person who would ever have dreamed that such plants exist. They
lose money on it. I will suggest CD the next time I order them. But I think
a normal computer would explode from the sheer density of the matter within!

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