Re: Second bite

Heterotroph refers to those organisms that cannot produce their own food 
source, (glucose).  Thus fungi, animals etc are considered heterotrophs. 
 Many bacteria are heterotrophs but some are also photoautotrophs (use
light to produce sugar), or chemoautotrophs (use chemical compounds
which they oxidize to release energy which in turn they use to make
sugar).  Sounds like fun stuff, huh!  

Hope this helps.


(On Wed, 30 Apr 1997

> And the meaning of heterotroph? 
>  I found that "heter" means "different", "not alike", and "trop" means
> "turning towards" as to the sun (I couldn't find "troph").  How does this
> translate?  If I had to guess:  Such an inflorescence would be unlike others
> since it would not follow the sun's course?
> Sue Zunino

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