Re: Second bite

Dear Sue,

In botany, heterotroph simply means:  Those organisms (or organs) that
aren't able to produce their own food by means of photosyntetic activity. 
The word "troph" concerns the form of nutrition.  Since the inflorescences
are mostly aclorophyllous (now that all aroidelers know what it
means), they are essencially heterotroph and drain lots of energy from the
mother plant, delaying the production of new leaves. This situation seems
to get worse in strongly thermogenic inflorescences, like those of
Alocasia, Philodendron, etc. 

Hope the above helps,


P.S. Before any of you try a third bite, Thermogenic means: Something 
able to produce heat!!!

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997 wrote:

> And the meaning of heterotroph? 
>  I found that "heter" means "different", "not alike", and "trop" means
> "turning towards" as to the sun (I couldn't find "troph").  How does this
> translate?  If I had to guess:  Such an inflorescence would be unlike others
> since it would not follow the sun's course?
> Sue Zunino

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