Re: Spring, and the Synandrospadix are blooming ...


It certainly is a beautiful plant. Mine came from Tom Croat at MoBot, and
flowered the following spring, so I don't really know how old it was, or
if it was a seed-grown plant or an offset. (I'm sure Tom has that
information;  maybe I should dig out the accession number.) 

As I say, it offsets regularly if slowly, which I'm told may be unusual
behavior for the species. 

I'm curious as to how many clones are in cultivation and how widely they
vary in provenance. I'm also interested in getting another clone myself,
especially from whatever area may experience the coldest winter
temperatures, but this does not seem to be an easy plant to come by - not
many people are growing it. If it is an infrequent offsetter, this may be
cause and effect.

I also grow mine very dry during the winter rest - as close to no water at
all as I can get until I see growth in the spring. It will do quite well
in the greenhouse all year, but I intend to move it outside after frost
danger has passed for some stronger light this year. In my climate, this
means it will get some of those +40 C temperatures you mention.

We get the majority of our rain during winter, which may make establishing
it outdoors here hard even if it should prove technically hardy. That's a
big problem for us with many western US natives.


-- Steve Marak

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