Re: Spring, and the Synandrospadix are blooming ...

Mr R.a McClure wrote:

> Two years ago I emailed Eduardo in Brazil to quizz him on this Sth.
> American aroid.
> He told me it grows from low elevation up to 1500 m, can cope with
> cold winters and 40 C summers. It flowers from Oct. - Dec. and fruits
> in Feb. It is dormant in the cold , dry winter ( May - Sept. ).
> Any more information I have forgotten Eduardo ?

No, you didnt forget anything, Rob! I must add an important information.
The plant can cope with a wide range of temperature, but I dont think it
can grow in a substrate with bad drainage. With the exception of Gearum
brasiliense and Spathicarpa lanceolata (that are seasonal
water-dwellers), the other Spathicarpeae (like Synandropadix) are always
found in well-drained soil. If any of you are willing to grow it on the
floor, it is better to put the plant in a slope or provide an
extra-drainage in the beds.  

> Melbourne is having a cool / mild autumn, a welcome relief from
> summer. It still will not rain though. Eduardo will you please take
> back your El Nino !

Man, here in Brazil the weather is absolutely crazy. We are having an
ultra-hot and ultra-rainy autumn. Yesterday night, the rain was so
strong that some tubers was unpotted! (Better say: the tubers still was
in their pots, but the soil was out). No thanks, we already have Ninos



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