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I would love to have seeds of Z. aethiopica (aethiopica is the name I was
wanting to know), and my sister is the one who has the plant.  Would you
know if it will produce viable seed all on it's own?

Speaking of seed, I now have 6 A. amurense and 9 heteraphyllum, all around
4" tall.  I just transfered them (bubble tray and all) out into my heated
greenhouse.  I started them in course sand which they are still in.  Sand is
a pretty scarry medium to germinate them in because I thought I lost them
all when some started to rot (from being too wet), so I opened the top to
rid them of some moisture and it dried out so quick that I almost lost them
from desiccation!  Still, most of them have germinated.   If I remember
correctly, they should grow on in this container until they go dormant?
Should I change their soil, or can I plant them outside when the weather
permits?  What do you suggest?  You probably already mentioned this, but do
they need food (especially in the sand)?

Thanks for the note,
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>I've grown Z. aethiopica "Green Goddess" from NARGS seeds. A quick check
>of my usual Z. suppliers failed to turn it up, but I know it's available
>locally here. So it probably is there too.
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