Picture this!!!!!

In your minds eye....  picture this:

Amorphophallus collected  in Laos...  Tuber: long irregular carrot shaped
with root scars and budding eyes.  Color: mahogony brown.... Peduncle:
about 6 inches green with vertical brownish stripes.  Spathe: overall about
5-6 inches.  Below the center constriction it is lite green, above the
constriction it is a beautiful golden yellow.  Spadix peeks out of the full
hooded bright canary yellow spathe about one inch.  It is pure white....
The second day of flowering, the hooded part of the spathe had folded back
leaving just the top inch of the spadix showing and it has changed color to
yellow!  Even in the folded back position, the 'hood' retained the
beautiful yellow color.

I have and will continue to photograph this little beauty and will
eventually post the photos on the IAS Web Page.

There is nothing in Aroideana, Vol. 19 that even comes close to looking
like this plant.

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Your Source for Tropical Araceae

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