Re: Anthurium Renaissance

I know that Anthurium 'Hookerii' has been put into culture...  Only thing
is that it is not 'hookerii'.  Croat says that it is a form of A.
schlectendahlii (spelling).  This is a common landscape plant here in S.
Florida.  Your plant is probably one of the TC plants.  Hope this helps...

>while I was in a supermaket plant department this afternoon, I found a
>very big Anthurium from section Pachyneurium (birdnest) that was labeled
>Anthurium 'Renaissance'. The blade had no collective vein and the
>petiole was quadrangular, ribbed abaxially, the inflorescence erect,
>purplish if I remember well. It was very expensive, about $ 120 !!! It
>probably comes from Holland as does most of the plants there. Does
>someone know if this is a hybrid or a cultivar of a species ?
>David Scherberich
>3, rue de la Broque
>67000 Strasbourg

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
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