Spring Is Here and So Is Aroid-L!


We're back! The MoBot server that runs the listproc and Aroid-L was a 
victim of hardware failure last Friday. The service we receive from the 
information systems folks at MoBot is normally quite good. Unfortunately 
the failure that occured was not something they could have prevented.

I don't know about the rest of you, but here in South Florida Spring has 
sprung! In fact, we really have a very short Spring. In another couple of 
weeks our temperatures will be in the mid-80 degree F range, and by 
mid-May it will be close to the 90s each day.
The tuberous aroids are detecting the warmth and responding accordingly. 
About 30 percent of my Amorphophallus tribe is awake with konjac leading 
the pack, followed by bulbufers, muelleris, odoratus, opertus, lewalleis and 
yunnanensis in numbers. And more appear daily.

My sole A. pendulus just went dormant, and the tuber looks quite healthy 
(keeping fingers crossed on this one, given all the talk about difficulty 
growing this species).

The A. titanums are in various states, mostly dormant, a couple of them 
have been awake for 15 months and show no signs of going to sleep. As 
Wilbert has said, these dudes are not very predictable

I have been very busy repotting Anthuriums but there seems to be no end 
in sight. Fortunately I do not have plants in the numbers that Dewey Fisk 
has. If I did, I'd have to retire to take care of them! (Hmmm... that 
deserves some additional thought...)

Request for information: I am travelling to Grand Rapids, Michigan next week.
Are there any indoor botanical things to see in the area?


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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