RE: A. titanum

Dear Kathy,

If you make photos of Jim's plant, please include one or two close-ups
of the "intimate" parts at the base of the spadix (for which you'll have
to cut the spathe away there). 


> Dear aroiders:
> One of the plants that I grew from seed from Jim Symon in Feb. 1995
> is about to bloom.  The inflorescence looks like it will be small,
> probably less than one foot tall, and since the tuber is young and
> small, I suppose that makes sense.
> What would be the best way to get a photo of it out to the group?  I
> can have a photo scanned.  I know how to send it out as an attachment,
> but would everyone in the group be able to receive an attachment?  My
> computer skills are lacking.
> -Kathy Upton  University of Missouri, St.Louis

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