Re: A. griffithii help?!

Hi Tim McNinch,
I used this search engine,   and typed in
'Arisaema Griffithii' and arrived here:
I clicked on the picture of Arisaema Griffithii,
Wow, this is a great looking plant!
BTW, who is updating the hardy aroid list:
This web site is interesting to see how much our Arisaema treasures are
from this site:
'nearly all Arisaema are happiest with a modicum of shade and adequate
moisture in humus-rich soil'.

which states that Arisaema Griffithii is not hardy.
If I were you I would mail your Arisaema Griffithii seeds to one of our
Florida aroiders.
I have had very good results with Arisaema seeds or any other seeds by
planting them directly into the ground from which they will grow. But
first I have to dig into the soil with a shovel, then I till with my
little 22 pound tiller, then I add compost, compost cow manure or both.
Then I till again with my little 22 pound tiller until the soil is very
fine and mixed very well. Most seeds germinate in soil that is prepared
like this.

Judy Bauer

PS: please don't send me any Arisaema Griffithii seeds. wrote:

> Knowledge desired!
> I have Arisaema Griffithii seeds.
> Ready to plant.
> What soil, heat, moisture?
> How long to expect to germinate?
> Any good pix out there as to the progress of the plants during this
> process?
> I will also go the the Ariseama Page.
> Thanks...
> Tim McNinch

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