Re: Helicodiceros/Dracunculus hardiness

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From: Mike Bernardoni <>
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Date: Friday, April 24, 1998 9:02 PM
Subject: Re: Helicodiceros/Dracunculus hardiness
Dear Mike,
I live in Florida, so do not grow the "hardy Aroids" mentioned.
I believe that people in your zones are encouraged to grow Aroids that tend
thrive in the climate where you live, and go dormant but survive the winters
either outside, or be brought inside for some species.  There are MANY
Aroids (even some natives!) that grow and can do well in your climate, such
as Arum, Dracunculus, Biarum, etc., but I will leave it to someone "from the
cold" to advise you on the availability of species suitable to your area.

>Hello... I live in Zone 6 Southern Illinois.. I am a novice when it comes
aroids....I have several Aroids that I received from Professor Mansell and
been successful growing Caladiums and allocasia...could you tell me more
the Hardy aroids you are talking about?? I am completly lost!!  TIA  Mike

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