Re: Helicodiceros/Dracunculus hardiness

Hi Mike,
I have seeds from Calla lilies: Zantedeschia albo-maculata and Zantedeschia
rehmannii, left over from last year. If you planted them this year, I promise you
that everyone of the would come up.
Judy Bauer
8440 Huckleberry Trl
Concord NC 28027
US plant zone 7

Mike Bernardoni wrote:

> Hello... I live in Zone 6 Southern Illinois.. I am a novice when it comes to
> aroids....I have several Aroids that I received from Professor Mansell and have
> been successful growing Caladiums and allocasia...could you tell me more about
> the Hardy aroids you are talking about?? I am completly lost!!  TIA  Mike
> Bernardoni
> James W. Waddick wrote:
> > Dear aroiders;
> >         We had some discussion of the hardiness of  Helicodioceros recently
> > and I waited for "evidence'.
> >         First some explanations:
> >         Dracunculus vulgaris is fully hardy here - not common, but seen in
> > a few gardens here and there.

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