New to List


My name is Ken Johnson and I am new to this list (~ 1 month). I became
interested in Aroids after acquiring (almost accidentally) an A. konjac
and, without being quite sure what it was, palnting it outdoors in zone 8.
The plant interested me because I had given it up as a failed experiment
and forgotten about it until about 18 months later when it suddenly
reappeared. I have also recently had the opportunity to observe an A.
bulberi inflorescences, and became hooked.

I gather from the recent discussion of A. titanum that there was a
distribution of seeds a few years ago. I find this species to be the most
intriguing, and would like to try my hand at it as well. I know it is
probably a long-shot, but if anyone could offer any pointers as to how to
acquire seeds (or bulbs), it would be much appreciated.


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