Dracunculus vulgaris

Living in zone 7a but with an 8a winter this past winter, I decided to try
Dracunculus vulgaris.  I just received two and probably should have planned
earlier but didn't.

My questions are:

How much light should I let the plant have?  I presume that shade with
dappled sun would be best, but am not certain.

Next -- any specific soil preferred?  Should I add more compost?  There's
great drainage here (basically an ex-sandpit) but I get annual deliveries
of oak leaf compost.

Next to last -- what's the expected height of the plant when flowering and
when mature?

Finally - if I never dip below 7a, will it truly be reliably hardy or
should I give up and bring it in as I do other plants?  If so, will it be
forming a tuber?


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