Re: Dracunculus vulgaris and other matters

Hi Lester and all,

>How much light should I let the plant have?  I presume that shade with
>dappled sun would be best, but am not certain.

Here in a zone 9 climate I grow Dracunculus in full sun.

>Next -- any specific soil preferred?  Should I add more compost?  There's
>great drainage here (basically an ex-sandpit) but I get annual deliveries
>of oak leaf compost.

My soil is very sandy with a layer of Oak compost.

>Next to last -- what's the expected height of the plant when flowering and
>when mature?

Mine reach about 1.5 metres before flowering.

I am chasing plant or seed of Dracunculus vulgaris other than the usual
red/black flower.  Can anyone help?

Also I have posted a photo of Arisaema bogneri from Gaoligongshan to the
photo album on my web pages for anyone interested.  I think it is the first
time it has flowered in cultivation.

Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

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