Re: going dormant...


My experience with Amorphophallus is limited, but generally with any 
plant I always ask myself what would normally happen under natural 
conditions with any particular plant. In the case of Amorphophallus, the 
entire leaf keels over, becomes somewhat slimy, and eventually dries up.  
Usually at this point I will tug ever so slightly at the dried petiole to 
see if it is loose.  If it is not free I will leave it alone.

Granted, having dried up petioles hanging from pots is not pretty, but my 
feeling is that the time to remove the old growth is when the tuber is 
willing to part with it. At this time it is reasonable to assume that the 
tuber has sealed the opening and is capable of protecting itself from 
disease and other intrusions.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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