Re: Lysichiton Americanum Query

Julius and Mike,

>>>>>One of the thoughts offered as to "why" Urospatha and other 
Aroids have this substance surrounding the seeds is that perhaps it may 
provide or attract moisture needed by the seed to germinate, much like the
granules sold in packets at garden stores to be mixed into potting soils to 
"hold" moisture ( they work well for my water dwellers).<<<<<

>>>>> It helps the seed stay moist even when the environment around the
seed dries a bit, therefore avoiding extremes of moisture content in the
seed. Natures gel granules surrounding a seed :-)

Mike Bordelon<<<<<

   This makes sense to me, because the gel wasn't there when I pulled the
seed from it's sponge, but appeared only after it was exposed to water.  It
looked like an embryo clinging to one side of the seed, and didn't seem to
encase the whole seed except for a thin layer of slime on the rest of the
surface.  I don't know how seeds are structured, but what might be the reason
the gel sack was only attatched to one side?  That's what it was, a skin with
an embryo attatched!      

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