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Subj:	Re: Lysichiton Americanum Query
Date:	08/05/97

>>   Thank you for that Julius.  According to your information, it looks like
the fruit could wait a bit longer.  Most of the infructescences are still
upright, so while keeping an eye on them, I will probably give them through
this month and wait for more of them to follow suit.  I did have a
conversation this afternoon where something about "the infructescences
falling apart in October" was mentioned, giving me somewhat of a time
period....they couldn't really remember exactly which part of the plant the
quote was referring to.  So, I would say sometime between now and October
something will be ready!  
I thank you for your response, and so does Greg,
PS.  I had a terrible time getting that stuff off the seeds, and they still
feel slimy.  Will this inhibit germination? << 

Dear Sue,
I don`t have any personal experience with Lysichiton seeds, but will hazard a 
"qualified" guess that the mucilage (slimey stuff) will not adversely affect 
germination.  One of the thoughts offered as to "why" Urospatha and other 
Aroids have this substance surrounding the seeds is that perhaps it may 
provide or attract moisture needed by the seed to germinate, much like the gel 
granules sold in packets at garden stores to be mixed into potting soils to 
"hold" moisture ( they work well for my water dwellers).
Try putting the seeds in a strainer and use a strong jet of water from a tap 
or hose.  This works for the seeds of Urospatha, Dracontioides and Dracontium, 
but I don`t know for Lysichiton.
 You will probably discover that the infructesences will fall apart or do 
SOMETHING in October, or whenever THEY are ready/mature.
Keep us informed, and good luck.

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