Re: Lysichiton Americanum Query

Subj:	Re: Lysichiton Americanum Query
Date:	08/05/97

   Thank you for that Julius.  According to your information, it looks like
the fruit could wait a bit longer.  Most of the infructescences are still
upright, so while keeping an eye on them, I will probably give them through
this month and wait for more of them to follow suit.  I did have a
conversation this afternoon where something about "the infructescences
falling apart in October" was mentioned, giving me somewhat of a time
period....they couldn't really remember exactly which part of the plant the
quote was referring to.  So, I would say sometime between now and October
something will be ready!  
I thank you for your response, and so does Greg,
PS.  I had a terrible time getting that stuff off the seeds, and they still
feel slimy.  Will this inhibit germination?  

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