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Sent: 	Tuesday, August 05, 1997 5:30 PM
To: 	Julius Boos
Subject: 	Lysichiton Americanum Query

Dear Sue,
I got your note plus this one and will give what info. I can.

Unlike Dracontioides and other Aroids that I have managed to grow and produce 
viable seed from, Urospatha infructesences do not give an indication of being 
"ripe", they grow and mature to a certain stage and size over a period of 
months, then the spadix drops off, separating at the stipe.  The seed are 
viable during the development of the infructesence over a long period of time, 
and I germinated seed from an infructesence that was broken off by accident 
MONTHS berore I would have guessed them to be "ready".  The seeds were still 
light colored, and not dark and hard as in fully mature seeds, and I really 
had little hope of them germinating, but they did!  This serves to illustrate 
that in at least some Aroids the seed are viable throughout a long period of 
their development time.  I`d be concerned more about keeping them moist once 
you collect them.   Also, try to observe what happens "naturally" in the wild. 
 The fruit may never turn color or give an indication of being "ripe"( as in 
Urospatha), but when the majority of the infructesences drop off the plant, 
they are ready!  Your cleaning method sounds good.  Good luck,


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