Re: Arisarum proboscideum

At 10:04 AM 8/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Several years ago,from a seedling sale, I received a small plant of this that
>has yet to bloom for me.  This year it has put on much new growth (I fed it)
>and has formed "bulbils" at the axis where the leaves join the stem.  Does
>this sound like the above named plant and how do I handle the "bulbils"?  I
>would like to pot some up for next weeks seedling sale.  Any help would be
>much appreciated.
>                          Mark Mazer  Gaylordsville CT  Zone 5

Hi all,

Certainly not an expert but as this is one of my favourite non-Arisaema
thought I would have a go.  Could we have a more complete description of the
leaves please.
I have grown and flowered this species for a number of years (must get some
pics on the web page).  I would strongly agree with Don that this is not a
bulbil-forming species.  Mine are all stoloniferous and have just leafed up
(so am surprised that anyone in the northern hemisphere would have it in
leaf now).  I find that it flowers well if given enough water.  The leaves
should be a plain dark greem colour.
Could I go further and suggest that this is more likely to be a Pinellia
cordata (wild guess without a good description of the suspect).  As for the
seedling sale - don't do it.  There is nothing more frustrating than buying
incorrectly named plants.  My ultimate preference is not to distribute
material unless I can confirm its name.  See if you can get hold of a back
issue of "The Kew Magazine" which had a lovely (the best I have seen) write
up on the genus.  I can't remember which issue it was in.  {Rob McClure
might be kind enough to look it up and post it for me}

Now that we are on the matter of Arisarums.....  As well as Arisarum
proboscideum I have the mottled leaf Arisarum vulgare.  I also have a plain
green leaved version of Arisarum vulgare which I have not seen written up.
I desperately want to get hold of Arisarum simmorrhinum.  Can anyone help??
I know that it is available in the UK from Monocot Nursery.
Do any members of Aroid-L grow this?

Kind regards,
Greg Ruckert
47 Allinga Avenue
Glenside  5065
South Australia
Phone 61 8 83795123
Fax 61 8 83642003

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