Re: Arisarum proboscideum

> The plant in question has 15 or so petioles in
>this 2" square pot ranging from 3" in height down to 1.25".  The petioles a=
>all green.  Most of the petiole are topped with three leaves, the largest
>3.5" long by 1.625" wide.  Some of the petioles are topped by a single leaf=
>some by a single leaf that appears not to have completely seperated from th=
>two lower leaves.  Many of the petioles   have developed "bulbils" at the
>axis where the leaves join the petiole.  The bulbils develop a pointy shape=
>from which a new leaf appears.

  I shall not offer this at
>the seedling sale but will bring it with me, perhaps some "Guru" will be ab=
>to ID this for me.

Dear Mark;
	I place my bets on Pinellia ternata. Any takers?

	Someone should have experience with this in CT or New England. Get
the ID confirmed before you label and donate any.

	Best		Jim W.

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