Re: Spectacular Aroids #3

Dewey wrote:
> Spathicarpa hastifolia  See the description for S. sagittifolia.  To the
> amateur, the inflorescence is the same, only the foliage is different.

I don't think I am an amateur and their inflorescence also seem the same to 

In my opinion, the most spectacular Spathicarpa hastifolia are those from
Central and Northeastern Brazil (formerly named Spathicarpa gardneri). They
have subcordate leaves with silvery variegations. Some have only small 
spots... other have the blade almost completely silvery, except by the 
greenish area around the nerves. Once again, the inflorescence is the 
same old thing!!! 

Xanthosoma striatipes is also a fantastic plant. The leaves are erect and 
usually ovate, pale green with yellow spots and strips. The spathe is 
yellow or white. Great to enjoy, but somewhat stubborn to grow. 

In the gallery of 'monsters', we can't forget Dracontium margaretae. It 
is a very weird plant, with a spiny petiole and leaves almost without any 
blade. In the wild, big populations seem like field of deer's horns!!! 
Take a look at the specimen on the Guanghua's page in the internet. 

Enjoy all...


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