Seed Cleaning Tool

No intention here to break up the current discussion, but I had to let 
this loose before I forgot to do it entirely.

One week ago tonight the spouse and I were in Raleigh, NC enjoyingsome 
coffee at a place that sell the stuff as well as teas and assorted 
goodies for cooking up the stuff.  Browsing through the "tool" section I 
came upon a tea infuser.  It was spherical with the sphere cut in half 
and a seal placed in each edge.  The there is a spring loaded handle that 
one squeezes to make the thing open up.  The seal at the edges is quite 

The I recalled the recent discussion on seed cleaning and the comments on 
the difficulty of removing the gel-like covering on many seeds. Yup, you 
got it - Stick the seed in this thing, close it and blast it with watter 
and voila! the seeds are clean.  I tried it tonight for the first time on 
some very stubborn seed and it works!  So, if you can find an infuser 
like this one that seals tightly to keep the small seeds from leaking 
out, then buy it.  It works great!

Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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