New list member introduction

Allow me to introduce myself as a new subscriber to Aroid-L.

I have a wide interest in plants (orchids, gesneriads, ferns,vireyas 
etc etc) and find email discussion groups of this type a wonderful 
innovation.  I have recently developed an interest in aroids (due in 
part to viewing a collection at the Cairns Botanical garden, 
Queensland).  I live at 38 degrees South, at an elevation of 300 
metres (1000 feet), but a surprising  number of  aroids will grow 
outside for us (Colocasia, Alocasia, Monstera etc).  

In New Zealand various aroids are, from time to time, available, but 
not from specialist nurseries.  The naming is often doubtful or 
non-existant.  The selection is rather limited.  I see there are a 
few other NZ members of Aroid-L.

Three rather ignorant questions:

I am thinking of joining the IAS, and have looked at their web pages, 
but cannot determine whether they have a seed fund (seeds are one of 
the few practical means of importing plants here).

How do I tell the difference between Alocasia and Colocasia?

What is 'Golden Taro' (green-gold leaves and stems) likely to be?

Hoping someone will relieve my ignorance.

Nick Miller
Rotorua, New Zealand

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