Black plants

Dear all,

I have heard a lot about black plants, so I decided to join the confusion.
The black Colocasia is one of the many forms of C. esculenta and has
peltate leaves. I think most of you are talking about it. The only black
Xanthosoma I know is from the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and its correct name
is Xanthosoma nigrum (Velloso) Stallfeld. It has sagittate leaves and are
somewhat smaller than those of the true X. violaceum. I saw it some time 
ago in a nursery here in Brasilia. I didn't know much about aroids 
that time and I thought it was a common plant. Since than, I never 
found this plant again! I am not aware about a black Caladium. To me, it 
is a misindentification or something like this. Some specimens of Caladium 
humboldtii have dark-green leaves, but I don't think it deserves this name.  

I hope it helps, 


On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Dewey Fisk wrote:

> Is there a black caladium, a
> >black Xanthosoma, and a black colocasia (black magic), or are people
> >debating the correct name?
> Black Caladium...  not that I know of...  If I saw it...  I'd buy!  And, as
> far as Colocasia or Xanthosoma....  Damn, you have me thinking...  I'll
> really have to check and will get back to you....  Frankly, there is not a
> hell of a lot of difference....
> Dewey
> Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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