Re: black colocasia

I have Alocasia sanderiana which is labled 'african mask' Krysztof
Kozminski says mine is probably really A. x amaxonica. Both are a very
dark green with thick silver-grey veins, looking at mine right now I
supose you could call it black. I've also seen A. micholitziana labled
african mask, but it is an ochre-emerald green with chalk white rayed
midribs (I nominate it a spectacular aroid). 

Gabe Thomas

Donna Maroni wrote:
> O.K.  Now you've got me with all this 'talk' of black colocasias.  Is
> there one called 'African Mask'? I seem to remember that as the name of a
> really incredible thing I saw in a display planting at a wholesale nursery
> a couple of weeks ago.  Wonderful, it was!
> Donna Maroni
> "Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do."  --Oscar Wilde

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