Re: Gabe's Alocasia

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Gabe Thomas wrote:

> Thanks for the atempts to identify the leaf in the picture. I agree with
> Dewey, the leaf in this picture does look more like A. micholitziana to
> me, but I'm far from an expert. I'm curious what those of you who think
> macrorrhizos are seeing.

For one thing, I saw a defintely caladium leaf in the upper right corner,
and concluded that the micholitziana-like leaf (more likely to be a Green
Velvet horticultural hybrid, IMHO) in the lower left may also belong to
another plant. The length/width ratio of the varigated leaf does not
appear quite the same as for Green Velvet and/or A. micholitziana (they
are narrower/longer). 

And I was not quite patient to examine th photo, either.  A.macrorrhizos 
would have yet different shape, and would point upward.  Oh, well.  But 
it is just as pretty as the one in the photo :-)


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