blueberry Anthurium

Dear all,

To everyone who has requested seeds of this lovely plant (over 25 of you !) 
no problem, I am preparing packages now and they should go out over the next 
week. Please be patient, I am up to my waist in seeds, plastic wrap and 
envelopes; its a slow business. Up to my waist is not too much of an 
exageration; with over 35 spikes each with an average of 30 berries, each 
berry with 8-12 seeds thats something like 10,500 seeds!! I could single-
handedly populate the world with this thing. All I need now is that 100 ft 
greenhouse and a lot of pots.....

Thanks to the aid of Richard Mansell there should be some digitized pictures 
of the thing appearing on the ID page any time now. Any feedback as to 
identity gratefully received. It still looks most like a giant A. scandens 
(note the ruler in the picture which has inch divisions, the leaves really 
are quite large).

Regards to all,

Geoffrey Kibby
International Institute of Entomology
56 Queen's Gate
London, SW7 5JR
Tel: 0171-584-0067

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