the start of my own web pages

I've spent the past couple days collecting some images of my beginning
Aroid collection and placing them on a website.  I don't think I ever truly
realized how difficult this organizing can be.  The web site will evolve as
time goes on.  Most of the plants are still young and so the images will be
replaced or added to as the plants get older.  Regardless, I guess it's
time to make the site public:

The server will change in the next few days.  This particular server allows
me only 2 megs of space and with only 400K left, I'm not going to be able
to add much.  Perhaps I'll straddle the content across my two servers to
guarantee more space.  

There are a few questions I've posed on the pages.  If you have any
answers, please do get back to me.


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