RE: Anthuriums


Dear Rand,
First off, I am not an Anthurium grower, but you may want to try my 
suggestions.  Re. the enlarged upper stems, my Dad used to place pieces of dry 
coconut husk ( the outer fiber layer of a coconut which is removed from around 
the inner "nut") directly around the bases of his plants, and the roots 
eagerly grew into and around these pieces and then supported the plant firmly 
at it`s base. (You should not have trouble obtaining coconuts in Miami, and a 
few chops with a sharp machette will provide the correctly sized pieces!)  I`d 
say that each piece was 9" long by 5" wide, and the natural curve fitted them 
perfectly around each plant. 
Re. the leaves being trapped within the sheath, this may be caused by a too 
low light situation.  I`ve seen this in many Aroids grown in too dark offices. 
 I`d check the level of light that your plants are receiving with a light 
meter, and compare it to what is recorded as their needs in articles published 
in back issues of Aroideana.  If you need, I can try to look these up for you.
Good luck.

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