Re: Gabe's Alocasia

Dewey, I talked to someone who has sold Alocasia 'Frydek' from the tissue
culture labs and found out that these are not variegated except on the
veins. (like most of these types). So if you see someone selling 'Frydek'
expect it to not be variegated all over, and keep searching for Alocasia
'Frydek Variegated'

Don Bittel

> From: Dewey Fisk <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: Gabe's Alocasia
> Date: Friday, August 29, 1997 9:59 AM
> >Dewey, you should recognize the Alo....its yours!  Never could remember
> >what you called it, but at the time (four years ago??) it was a one of a
> >kind and you hadn't had it very long.
> For the last word on "Gabes Alocasia".......  Thought I recognizedt!!!!!
> Anyway, IT IS Alocasia 'Frydek' and is one of the Alocasia
> """"""micholitziana TYPES"""" ...  It is not micholitziana but an unnamed
> species....  This particular plant obtained its variegation from a mix up
> on genes in the Tissue Culture Lab!
> So, since Tim says the plant came from me....  That is 'what is'.
> Dewey
> Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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