Re: Gabe's Alocasia

>Dewey, you should recognize the Alo....its yours!  Never could remember
>what you called it, but at the time (four years ago??) it was a one of a
>kind and you hadn't had it very long.

For the last word on "Gabes Alocasia".......  Thought I recognizedt!!!!!
Anyway, IT IS Alocasia 'Frydek' and is one of the Alocasia
""""""micholitziana TYPES"""" ...  It is not micholitziana but an unnamed
species....  This particular plant obtained its variegation from a mix up
on genes in the Tissue Culture Lab!

So, since Tim says the plant came from me....  That is 'what is'.

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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