Re: aroid web page

     The unidentified plant apears to be Pycnospatha arietina.
     Alistair Hay

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Subject: aroid web page
Author:  <> at mailgate
Date:    8/4/98 10:25 PM

After several weeks of working on my web page, I think it's finally 
somewhat presentable.  I would appreciate hearing any comments about it.
When taking the photos, I forgot to check the setting on resolution so 
the images are rather large, so expect the downloads to be somewhat slow.
I also created an "unidentifieds" section -- there are 4 pictures of
a particular plant that I received from the Bangkok markets and I have
no idea what it may be.  Any suggestions as to what it is would be helpful.
The web page can be found at:
Alan Galloway                        
Computing Services, Information Technology
Campus Box 7109 
North Carolina State University                 (phone) 919-515-5483 
Raleigh, NC  27695-7109                         (fax)   919-515-3787

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