Re: gigantic leaf species around the world

Wow, thanx for getting my names straight.  I'll have to fix a bunch of
pages ... 

On Fri, 14 Aug 1998 wrote:

>      A. Borneo Giant appears to be A. longiloba `korthalsii'.

After it sprouted two more leaves, it appeared to be a regular A.x
amazonica, unfortunately, it has succumbed to some quick-acting malady- it
was just fine all the time I had it, and rotten dead a week later ... 

>      A. `californica' is A. brisbanensis, native to Eastern Australia

Thanx, I was just about to send out another cry for help in determining
this species, since the inflorescence photos were just recently added. Now
I'll have to search for the real A.californica ... 

>      A. green velvet appears to be A. micholitziana, which in the wild is 
>      quite a variable species - so several forms of it have got into 
>      cultivation (Philippines)

I was wondering about this one.  All photos of A. micholitziana I've seen
looked mor like what I have photographed at UC Berkeley greenhouses and
put on The
shape of the leaves og 'green velvet' seems to be so different from the
one above, I would never suspect it was the same species.  Furthermore,
Deni Bown's book described A.micholitziana as rather difficult to grow,
and 'green velvet' is almost weedy... 

Oh, well, live & learn ... 

>      A. black velvet is an undescribed species. Have you got any more 
>      flowers that could be preserved in alcohol, so that this species can 
>      be properly described and named??

I can try to do this, if I only knew the proper procedure (e.g., what kind
of alcohol: isopropyl. ethanol, or what?).  Also, who would be the proper
person to whom to send the specimen?  Finally, it seems that my two plants
are done for this year with flowering, but there are many other people who
are growing this thing, so I'd expect someone else might be able to
provide the specimen before my plants go into the flowering mode again
(assuming I won't kill them - I just can't figure out hwo to grow this
species right).  Did 'black velvet' flower for anyone out there on

Krzysztof Kozminski

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