Re: Gel surrounding seeds.

Julius and All,

I doubt this will add anything to our knowledge of these great plants,
but I floated an infructescence of Lysichiton Americanum in water
leaving the gel which developed, in with the fruits.  Over a period of 6
months, the majority of the seeds sprouted, gel intact.  I never changed
the water, but only added.  Not knowing much about much, I would have
ruled out the purpose for gel as an inhibitor.  The gel produced by
Lysichiton seemed to show up outside the seed skin.  There's so much I
don't remember now, but I wanted to find out both how long the seeds
would be viable in water, as well as if the gel would prevent
germination.  However, I'm not sure if the fact that they germinated in
the gel-water is proof enough.  I'm not a scientist nor do I exihibit
good habits when it comes to documentation, neither am I very observent,
but still I thought I'd throw that out for thought,

Sue Zunino

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